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July 22

July 22

Something GREAT is happening in the 2nd half of July!

We- (..a team of 5 people with a background in education, culture, communication, crafts and sports, well equipped with enthusiasm, determination and 5 big hearts, full of love for children and young people-..) have the pleasure and honor to do something exceptionally great with 15 wonderful young people between the ages of 16 and 19: An adventure. An experience . A workshop, that deals with nature experiences, cultural impulses, biodiverse agriculture, personal development, fun and above all a massive mutual expansion of horizons!

In 14 days in our MESA VRYSI camp in a nature reserve on the west coast of Greece, we will learn from each other and together take our mindset to the next level. We will hike, build, cook, swim, sow, clean up, discuss, laugh, drink beer, harvest, eat and sleep.

We seek answers to fundamental questions such as:

Can I solve my problems alone, or do I need feedback from my social environment?

Are we humans really born as „lone warrior“ or are we made to coordinate with each other and then tackle things together?

Which is easier to solve: the challenges I have to face as an individual when I’m alone, or the social complexities that arise when I team up with a group to achieve something?!

What structure does a team need? Does there have to be a leader, so a project doesn’t end up in chaos or are there social mechanisms, that a group can use to proceed in a structured way?

Is the current way, in which the industrial society produces food still up to date? Can it be reformed or does the production of sensible food need to be completely rethought and „re-done“?

Does a person who does not want to kill an animal, have the moral right to eat meat or would it be better if they were vegetarian?

If you feel addressed by these questions… if you want to make new experiences, if you are willing to contribute your knowledge and learn from others, then you came to the right place! Get it contact with us. We need you.